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Prompt Explanation Post

Now for somethig slightly different, before I post an update on Oceanglide's IC status/wrap some things up. In an effort to get my writing muscles back in gear, I've started a set of writing prompt charts for several characters here.

Link to Oceanglide/Sea Team chart.

If you happen to have one you'd like to see (even if it's not on the chart, there are empty slots after all!) drop a comment on any of the prompt posts including this one. Or if you have suggestions/comments in general, this is rather an experimental thing for me after all!

The Great OOC All-Purpose Post

OK, this was originally a mispost, but since it's here now I declare it to be an OOC contact/discussion/boatspam/whatever post.

I'm not good at getting rid of stuff OK This was totally my fiendish plan all along.

A Mutual Sounding Out, with guardianbee

Private, Oceanglide said in the Nexus, but the back-alley he chooses as a conveniently deserted PINpointing spot is within audio-shot of one of the busiest thoroughfares in Central City. The loud murmur of mixed noises is constant, if very different to the sounds of fire and battle that used to reign supreme.


Of course, they might do still. Sometimes.


The stars can be seen in the sky above, through the purple-grey haze left by recent atmosphere-altering projects and good old-fashioned industry. The odd smell of it mingles with the other chemicals and smoke on the cooling breeze.


Oceanglide glances at the shadowed, crumbling walls of the half-ruined buildings around them, and then at Bumblebee, taking close notice of the Autobot’s reactions.