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Prompt 001: Lively

He was struggling to fix the door controls when his brothers crashed into the cave behind him. Rainwater sloughed off their battered armour and splashed the floor. Oceanglide glanced down at them. He was still dripping himself. And wondering how he'd explain today to their commander. When they found another comlink, that was.

“Wasn’t my fault, slaghead!” He paused in surprise at Stormcloud’s voice. “I told you, the stinking drone got in my way. Otherwise the whole place would’ve gone down, first time!”

Waterlog snapped back, “You were too slow, ye tar-footed lug. This be no pleasure cruise for idling little soft-shells.”

Stormcloud lashed out – and Waterlog blocked with his launcher. The speedboat snarled frustration. “It ain’t a training sim either. This slag takes freaking time in the real world, jackaft! If you don’t like it, go back to playing in the scrapyard.”

“Watch yer tongue! I’ve more wrecks to me name than you’ve clapped optics-”

Oceanglide fended off his glee and snapped at them both, “Enough! Stormcloud, you may prove your skills on the controls here. We need this refuge. Waterlog, watch for pursuers.”

Stormcloud climbed up to his ledge and pushed past him sulkily. “Then what?”

“We’ll get no pick-up until while the Autobots remain,” Waterlog warned.

“Stormcloud’s handiwork has left half the island smouldering – and for all they know, us with it. Let them be lulled by our silence and the ashes. Then we will finish the task. If you are capable.”

He got an immediate, indignant chorus. “I’ll get them this time,” Stormcloud promised. He jammed wires together until the giant door sputtered open. Just enough for a Minicon. Oceanglide jumped down and he followed. “All of them.”

Oceanglide chuckled. It was the most the sullen, fearful speedboat had ever said in his own defence. Beside that, the rest of this day fell into perspective.