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Prompt 002: Remorseful

Notes: Prompt index here.

In the dank and gloom of a shelled-out refuge, Oceanglide stood between his brothers and listened to a hollow speech. Above the heads of the Minicon crowd, the Autobot commander spoke to them urgently. The firing outside had stopped. Both sides were trying to rally their forces for the final surge. Gathering their weapons. On his left, Stormcloud twitched under the slow dripping from the cracked ceiling. To his right, Waterlog stared into space, not even following the earnest words. He stood alone.

The Autobot – Jumpstart –finished his impassioned plea. Several Minicons stepped forward immediately. Oceanglide gripped Stormcloud by the shoulder and steered him into the shadows while the rest debated. Waterlog followed, squinting over his shoulder.

“D’we follow them?” he asked Oceanglide.

“No.” He watched the most reluctant turn and scurry deeper into the base, hoping for shelter. The volunteers followed the Autobot out to battle. He said, “We will go out later. When all is decided.”

The Autobot stooped to pick up one of the volunteers, and Oceanglide glimpsed his expression. He looked truly sorry.

Such a pity that I am beyond that.