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Prompt 007: Cut

//Yeah,// Stormcloud said. //They’re fixing to cheat us out of our cut. I can hear ‘em.//

Waterlog swore vituperatively. Oceanglide sighed at the cannon he’d opened up. Typical Decepticons – both to deny Minicons’ share of credit and spoils… and to forget that sound carried through frigate bulkheads. //What is their plan, precisely?//

//Plan?// Stormcloud sneered. //Nah, boss, they just figure they can kick us out an airlock when it’s pay time.//

//They’ll be the only ‘bots walking the plank,// Waterlog growled. //After we’ve slit their fuel lines to be sure. We did our share to scupper this scow and take her.//

He was right. Oceanglide pondered the damage they’d done. //Waterlog, how are the engines now?//

//They’ll hold for one jump. Enough to carry us back to port. Those rust-ridden rats on the bridge have set the co-ordinates already.//

//Stormcloud. Suppose you were to set your remaining explosives… here.// He transmitted the co-ordinates.

//You’d snap the whole stern off for a start…// Stormcloud started laughing as it sank in.

//Hmm. Good. I think it best we take our cut pre-emptively. Set the charges and seal the aft compartments for us.// He started rigging the cannon, stealing a few choice components and rearranging circuits. Fire it now and it would blow itself from the housing. //Waterlog, secure our engines and override the bridge controls. Keep the navigation co-ordinates. I shall pay a trip forward and reactivate the distress beacon when we are prepared.//

//Calling in the Autobots? That’s nasty, ‘Glide.//

//No more than the treachery of shipmates.//